Zero Internet Presence

For startups, business owners and individuals

You need the anonymity of the network?

We provide fully secure and anonymous solution

No one will know who you are, because

  • 1We provide anonymous entry points
  • 2All your data encrypted
  • 3We don't collect any information
  • 4We use TOR, UAMesh and other secure technologies

What We Can Protect


Hide domain owner, including WhoIS services

Web Sites

Making impossible to determine technology used on your server


We provide hybrid mesh VPN which anonymizes all data

Social Networks

Helping with removing your info from social networks and provide "clean" new profiles

APP Publication

Publish your mobile apps under our AppStore and PlayMarket profiles

Own AppStore

We have technology for installing apps to iOS and Android without using PlayMarket and AppStore.




  • Domain Owner Privacy
  • Secure Web Site Owner and Tech Info
  • Protected EMails
  • Anonymous Phone Number
  • Anonymous Social Accounts
  • No Support


Contact Us For Price

  • All features of Beta package
  • Anonymous Mobile Apps Publication
  • Custom Mobile Application store
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Premium Support